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Do you feel like a language school, even a good one, is just not right for you?

Our students do. Most of them came to us years ago as their last resort and they’re still with us today.

Why? Because our classes give them exactly what they want. We don’t follow a textbook for the sake of doing it. We care. We tailor make the course material for every student and there’s no way they don’t end up learning.

Ask Enrique, an 80-year-old Spanish gentleman who started learning English from zero. He had tried several language schools, but never learnt much. After four years with us, he can now handle a real-life conversation with ease.

Or Alejandra, a 6-year-old girl, who refused to speak English when we started. In just over a year she is now asking and answering questions like it’s her second nature and recently passed the Trinity Exam level 2 with an A! Way to go, Alex!

When you’re passionate about what you do, people feel it and it’s contagious.

Enclavia Classroom

Looking for help with your kid’s homework?

If there’s something we love, it’s homework! Homework should be a fun part of your kids’ day, not a chore or a source of frustration.

Our young students love and look forward to their homework time with us. Everything is done quickly, we have fun and learn a lot! They get better grades as a result and, more importantly, it improves their self-confidence.

When Eliza's mom says it’s time for her homework class, Eliza yells “YES!” with a big smile on her face. That’s something!

Enclavia Classroom

Price List

For year-round classes, take a look below. For summer prices, intensive courses and group classes, please give me a call.

Private individual class At mine At yours
Hourly rate 25€ / hour 30€ / hour

No signup fees or long-term commitments. The prices include all the study material and a special-edition Enclavia notebook and folder. The only thing you need to bring is a pen.

Cambridge exams are my specialty! We're real good at preparing you for Cambridge exams. KET, PET, First and Proficiency are easy as pie with us!
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Group classes and intensive courses. Thinking of a group class for your children to study together? We've got a great offer for you!
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Enclavia Classroom

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